By car

It will be very important to contact us before you get by car in the “Albaycín” and book in advance a parking place because parking in the area is very difficult and we just have a few parking places.

We would need you to send us in advance: 1) THE CAR REGISTRATION NUMBER AND2) THE ID OR PASSPORT NUMBER OF THE DRIVER to book your car and have a permission to get to the “Albaycín”.

First of all, you have to know that getting in the “Albaycín” by car is not easy, it is a restricted area and the most of its streets are narrow or pedestrian. Read carefully these indications, take the map we send you for your trip and don’t trust your GPS: Google Maps is giving wrong indications leading you into pedestrian streets.

From A-44, take number 128 access “Avenida Mendez Nuñez” to get to the city, then follow “Avenida Fuente Nueva”, “Dr. Severo Ochoa” and “Avenida Madrid” till you get to “Plaza San Isidro”.

There, turn on your right to take “Avenida de Murcia” and follow this way on “Carretera de Murcia” to the very top of the city, at one point you will find a yellow sign post on your right just after a traffic light: it says “ACCESO ALBAYCÍN POR C/ PAGÉS”, it is not forbidden for you because we’ve booked your car license number.

So take on your right “Calle Pagés” and go ahead till you get to “Plaza San Salvador”, turn on the right into a little street and, after another traffic light, turn on your right again into “Callejón de las Tomasas”, “Camino Nuevo de San Nicolás”, “Santa Isabel la Real”. At the beginning of this street, after “La Mancha Chica” restaurant and “Calle Pilar Seco”, you will find the door of the parking. It is a private parking, this means that we have to meet you there to open it for you, so you must call us a minutes before your arrival: this way we want to be sure you won’t miss the parking place.