Hammam Arabs Baths / Enjoy hammam, comforting massage and a aromas and flavors from the past

Enjoy the hammam, a comforting massage and aromas and flavors from the past.

The first Arab baths in Europe reopened after closure in the sixteenth century. They are located at the feet of the Alhambra, on the ruins of an ancient Hammam, to enjoy the hammam, massage and a comforting aromas and flavors of the past.
Feel the water contrasts on your skin, a perfect feeling to stimulate yourself and relax in one session.
Between bath and massage, you can continue relaxing while savoring traditional Arab drink, made of a soft and aromatic blend of green tea with mint.

Siente los contrastes del agua en tu piel, una sensación ideal para estimularte y relajarte en una sola sesión.

Entre baño y masaje, puedes seguir relajándote mientras saboreas la bebida tradicional árabe, hecha con una suave y aromática mezcla de té verde con menta.